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Industrial Innovation Institute Inc.
Industrial Innovation Institute Inc.

Established Oct 2011
Business field Manufacturing Innovation Support
Representative Yosuke Korogi
Office 840-1 Horinouchi-machi Kofu-shi, Japan
Telephone +81-55-242-8005

Corporate Vision
We support industrial productivity improvement by using innovative techniques and contributing to social development
Our mission
1. Customer problem-centered solutions and technique promotion
2. Effective inflection support of excellent expert ability
3. Information sharing and communication activation in the manufacturing industry

Corporate Histry
2005.4 A technique utilization support site "think about manufacturing engineering" in the company in tiger site of the founder former work
2009.6 Presented the activity "think about manufacturing engineering" and "Monodukuri engineering matrix" in the Quality Engineering Societies Meeting
2009.9 Presented "the role of TRIZ in the manufacturing problem solution system" at TRIZ symposium in Japan and won the "The best poster Prize"
2010.1 Presented "the manufacturing engineering matrix watching from the quality management side" in Japan Society for Quality Control
2011.5 Presented "inflection of the manufacturing efficiency technique and the effective survey" in Japan Industrial Management Association
2011.9 A keynote address presented "the positioning of TRIZ in the problem solution technique system" at TRIZ symposium in Japan.
2011.1 Established Industry Innovation institute Inc.
2011.12 Released Monodukuri.com provisionally
2012.1 Monozukuri.com won the Resona Bank distribution of honors in the campus venture Grand Prix Tokyo meeting
2012.1 Monodukuri.com Facebook page released
2012.3 Released Monodukuri.com formally, and introduced in the Daily Industry News.
2012.6 Presented "the correlation of manufacturing innovation technique and number of keywords in the Internet" in Japan Management Systems society
2013.3 Published "Utilization of the manufacturing innovation technique that I evaluated with the number of information" in the Japan Management Systems journal.
2013.3 Held a commemorative lecture, exchanging meeting in Tokyo, as one year anniversary, and 50 people participated
2013.5 Presented "the problem of the management engineering that I understood by manufacturing innovation support activity" in Japan Industrial Management Association
2013.5 Started a corporation registration system, and two companies registered.
2013.6 The accumulated visitor of the Monodukuri.com broke through 100,000 people
2013.8 Presented the business model at Yamanashi venture summit
2013.9 Placed "the way that is new in the new times" in the magazine Biglife21 September issu.
2013.1 Placed "An introduction of importance and the spread support activity of the management engineering technique" in Japan Industrial Management Association publication "management system".
2013.11 Released manufacturing innovation seminar series DVD Vol. 1
2013.11 Sponsored "all-Japan manufacturing industry top Great War G3 Kofu place "
2014.1 Accepted investment and an officer from samurai incubation
2014.2 Exhibitted at the MONO festival held at Tokyo Telecom Center and served as the panel session moderator
2014.4 Held 2nd anniversary lecture and exchange meeting in Tokyo at Hokutopia with 50 attendees
2014.5 Business partnership with Creative Development Institute
2014.7 Participated in the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Audition and recieved the "Kawasaki Entrepreneurial Award" along with 4 other awards
2014.9 Presented a new business plan at the September 2014 Mt. Fuji Innovation Camp
2014.10 Relocated the office and expanded business
2014.11 Received sponsorship for the All Japan Manufacturing Industry Combat Battle G3 for the Kofu area
2014.12 Appeared in the January edition of Tool Engineering
2015.2 Presented talk on 'Recommendations for Innovation in Manufacturing' at the Science and Technology Forum Exchange Meeting
2015.2 Milestone of 500,000 visitors to Innovation Navigator reached
2015.4 Changed website name to Monodukuri.com from Innovation Navigator
2015.4 Held 3rd anniversary lecture and exchange meeting in Tokyo at Hokutopia with 50 attendees
2015.4 Started series "Recommendations for Manufacturing Innovation" in Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper
2015.11 Released 5th DVD in the Monodukuri Innovation Seminar series
2016.3 Published in the Asahi Newspaper
2016.4 Held 4th anniversary lecture and exchange meeting in Tokyo at Wakyoukan with 50 attendees
2016.4 Competed in the Startup Japan Tour and received the EY Japan award
2016.4 Released 6th DVD in the Monodukuri Innovation Seminar series
2016.5 Milestone of 1 million visitors to Monodukuri.com reached